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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lovers Winners : Losers by Brian Friel

                            Winners : Losers        by Brian Friel

Kilcullen Drama Group's production of two short complementary plays will be staged on the following nights In Kilcullen Town Hall

Friday 5th April @ 7.30pm      Gala Opening Night
Saturday 6th April @ 8pm
Wednesday 10th to Saturday 13th @ 8pm 

Tickets from Bernard Berney's Chemist 045 481497

The first play, the lovers are a young couple preparing for their final exams and their imminent wedding. The girl is pregnant.  Although they promise each other happiness, their deaths by drowning  save them from a more likely destiny.

In the second play, the lovers are older, but their passion, at first, is no less real.  It is their marriage that brings its share of compromises and unhappiness. 

Brian Friel was born in Omagh, Co. Tyrone in 1929.  His is well known for his writings of "Philadelphia Here I come", "Faith Healer", "Aristocrats" and "Translations".

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